CC Debugger



CC Debugger debugger oraz programator dla SOC z serii CCxxxx opartych na rdzeniu 8051 produkowanych przez Texas Instruments. Programator jest zgodny z oryginalnym TI CC Debuggerem.
In addition, CC Debugger is used for configuring the CC85xx devices with PurePath Wireless Configurator.

Key Features


Compatible with the original TI CC Debugger
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows xp sp2/sp3, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 32bit
Target voltage: 1.2V~3.6V
Capable of powering the target board from the debugger
Operating temperature: 0℃~85℃

Supported Software

IAR Embedded Workbench For C8051
SmartRF Flash Programmer
SmartRF Studio
SmartRF Packet Sniffer
PurePath Wireless Configurator

Connects to PC

Computer connection via USB interface

Connects to target board

Target board connection via 10-pin IDC connector (2×5 2.54mm pitch). The figure below shows the header pinout:

Supported Devices

Programming and debugging the following 8051-based system-on-chips from Texas Instruments:

CC1110, CC1111
CC2430, CC2431
CC2510, CC2511
CC2530, CC2531, CC2533
CC2540, CC2541
CC2543, CC2544, CC2545

Controlling the following transceivers from SmartRF Studio:

CC1120, CC1121, CC1125, CC1175
CC1101, CC110L, CC113L, CC115L

Configuring the CC85xx devices with PurePath Wireless Configurator:

CC8520, CC8521
CC8530, CC8531

LED Status

OFF: The debugger has no power or there is no valid firmware on the debugger.
AMBER (BOTH LEDS ON): The debugger is powered, but there is no valid firmware.
RED LED BLINKING: The Debugger is in Boot Recovery Mode.
RED LED ON: No device detected. This might be due to old firmware on the CC Debugger, or a problem with the hardware connection (make sure the target board is properly powered and connected correctly).
GREEN LED ON: The target device has been properly detected. It is possible to start programming/debugging.

Package Contains

CC Debugger × 1
USB cable × 1
10-pin flat cable × 1
User Guide CD × 1

Development resources:user manual, schematic, firmware, software, etc.


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