Waveshare Open429Z-D Tool For Stm32F429I-Disco



Open429Z-D płyta zaprojektowana do współpracy z STM32F429I-DISCO produkcji STM z mikrokontolerem STM32F429ZIT6. Umożliwia łatwe podłączenie dodatkowych peryferii oraz rozszerzeń produkowanych przez firmę WaveShare do modułu STM32F429I-DISCO.

What’s on the mother board

STM32F429I-DISCO socket: for easily connecting the STM32F429I-DISCO
MCU pins connector: all the MCU I/O ports are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
USB connector: USB to UART via the onboard convertor PL2303
I2C1/I2C2 interface: easily connects to I2C peripherals such as I/O expander (PCF8574), FRAM (FM24CLxx), etc.
I2S2/I2S3/I2C1 interface: easily connects to I2S peripherals such as audio module, etc.
DCMI interface: for connecting camera
SDIO interface: for connecting Micro SD module, features much faster access speed rather than SPI
CAN1 interface: communicates with accessory boards which feature the CAN device conveniently
CAN2 interface: communicates with accessory boards which feature the CAN device conveniently
UART3 interface: easily connects to RS232, RS485, USB TO 232, etc.
SPI1/SPI4 + AD/DA interfaces:

easily connects to SPI peripherals such as DataFlash (AT45DBxx), SD card, MP3 module, etc.
easily connects to AD/DA modules (SPI1 features AD/DA alternative function)

UART2 interface: easily connects to RS232, RS485, USB TO 232, etc.
8-bit FMC interface: easily connects to peripherals such as NandFlash
SAI1 interface: for connecting audio modules like UDA1380 module
ONE-WIRE interface: easily connects to ONE-WIRE devices (TO-92 package), such as temperature sensor (DS18B20), electronic registration number (DS2401), etc.
5V DC jack
5V/3.3V power input/output: usually used as power output, also common-grounding with other user board
JTAG/SWD interface: for debugging/programming
Joystick jumper

short the jumper to connect the joystick to default I/Os used in example code
open the jumper to connect the joystick to custom I/Os via jumper wires

Boot mode switch: for configuring BOOT0 pin
USB to UART jumper
AMS1117-3.3: 3.3V voltage regulator
PL2303: USB to UART convertor
5V DC power switch
Power indicator
UART1 indicator
Joystick: five positions

Note: The STM32F429I-DISCO integrates ST-LINK/V2 for programming/debugging (SWD only).

JTAG/SWD interfaces
The figure 1, and 2 show the header pinouts of JTAG/SWD interface

Figure 1. JTAG Header Pinout
Figure 2. SWD Header Pinout

Package Contains

Open429Z-D mother board x 1
4-pin 2-pin wires pack x 1
USB power cable x 1



Development Resources

Demo code (examples in C, μC/OS-II)
Related software (KEIL etc.)
STM32 Datasheets
STM32 development documentations

Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/Open429Z-D


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